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A Faux Bentley

Chrysler is getting less and less subtle with their attempts to imitate the body and vehicle styling of the expensive car manufacturer Bentley. Within the last few years the Chrysler 300 in particular has begun a transformation in which its designers are doing their best to copy and paste the basic design theme of Bentley sedans, and then resell them for a much more reasonable price. To some degree this appeals to the hood rich demographic, the folks who can afford a Chrysler 300 and want to look like they’re driving something more expensive. But is imitation really the best way to sell cars?

But to review the Chrysler 300 in more detail let’s discuss the interior. The designers at Chrysler have done away with wood detailing and other tacky interior features. They’ve taken a page out of Bentley’s book and gone for a more strong dark metallic look on the interior. Heated seats come standard, and there is some fancy stitching that comes with the S class of the 300.

Now more importantly, the safety of the Chrysler 300 is top notch. The safety administration puts all vehicles sold in the American market through a vigorous battery of tests and the Chrysler 300 came through with flying colors. The 300 was chosen as the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. This Chrsyler was also honored with five out of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration. Standard features include a wide range of front and side airbags.

Chrysler is a making an aggressive bid to enter the luxury car market. The 2012 300 is by far their most successful venture to enter the upper echelon of the vehicle market. Chrysler vehicles don’t have the best reputation but that is slowly starting to change for the better with the new generation of vehicles that Chrysler is putting out. It is unlikely that they will ever go after the market that Bentley and other exclusive car manufacturers dominate but with the 300, Chrysler may be able to start stealing clients from luxury manufacturers like BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.


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